How to install InaSAFE

“We walk through the installation of InaSAFE on QGIS.”

The first step to using InaSAFE is to install it using the plugin manager in QGIS.
In this short worksheet you will go through the process of installing InaSAFE and we will explain how to check if a new release is available, and what the numbering of the releases means.

You try:

Goal: To be able to run an simple analysis in InaSAFE.

  • Open QGIS (ideally the current Long Term Release (LTR) version)
  • Open the plugin manager
  • Wait for the manager to fetch the list of available plugins

Choose the InaSAFE plugin and install it
Restart QGIS

Check your results:

  • Do you see InaSAFE in the plugins menu?

  • Do you see the InaSAFE toolbar?

  • Do you see the InaSAFE dock window?

More about

Installing InaSAFE is really easy right? In some cases you may experience difficulty doing the installation if you have poor internet connectivity. The plugin is about a 5mb download (at time of writing). If you are wanting to share the plugin with colleagues and your internet is poor, consider downloading the windows executable installer which you can then share via a USB Memory Stick or similar method. The windows installer is available on the GitHub Releases Page (see link at the bottom of this page).

We periodically make new InaSAFE releases – either to fix bugs or to introduce new features and improvements. We use ‘semantic versioning’ which gives you an indication of the purpose of each release. Each release number has 3 parts: major version, minor version, bug fix version. For example InaSAFE 4.1.2 has major version of 4, minor version of 1 and bug fix version of 2. Generally a change in major version introduces potentially breaking changes (e.g. requiring that you re-create your keywords). Minor version changes (e.g. 4.1 to 4.2) introduce new features and bug fix versions don’t add features but do fix bugs.

When we announce a major or minor release, we will provide a changelog that highlights the key new advances introduced with that release. You can see the changelogs at by clicking on any release in the InaSAFE project list. You should occasionally check in QGIS if there is a new version of InaSAFE available to install, especially if you know a new version has been released. In QGIS go to Plugins-> Manage and Install plugins and click on InaSAFE in the list of plugins. If there is a new version available, the Upgrade plugin button will be active. Click it and QGIS will fetch and install the new version of InaSAFE.

Check your knowledge:

  1. True of false? : The only way to install InaSAFE is using the QGIS plugin manager?:
    1. True
    2. False
  2. Minor releases are intended to (choose all that apply):
    1. Introduce new bugs into InaSAFE
    2. Introduce new features into InaSAFE
    3. Introduce potentially breaking changes into InaSAFE
  3. The current version of InaSAFE is?:
    1. InaSAFE 4.2.0
    2. InaSAFE 5.0.1

Further reading: