1. Introduction to InaSAFE

In this section we will cover the basic concepts of InaSAFE including what contingency planning is, hazard, exposure, aggregation and so on.

2. Running InaSAFE

In this section we introduce you to running InaSAFE through some practical examples.

3. InaSAFE Tools

This section covers the various tools that are provided with InaSAFE. These tools let you manage supplementary tasks such as fetch hazard or exposure data, preparing data, running analyses in batches and so on.

4. Participating in the InaSAFE community

In these lessons we will show you how to report bugs, find someone to help you when you get stuck, find other resources and collaborate with the InaSAFE user community.

5. Advanced InaSAFE Customisation

In this section we will cover more advanced topics - especially relating to customising reports and doing things like creating new hazards and hazard classifications.

6. Home assignments

This section provides some take-home assignments that you should do out of the classroom environment and then submit back to your instructor.