Contingency planner’s guide

“We need to prepare for a food in Tandale! Use this guide to help get the wards mapped.”

Ward mappers: You need to create a wards layer that covers the whole of the Tandale image using the requirements below:

You try:


More about

  • Capture the wards in the tandale_imagery base map (use fctitious boundaries and names).
  • Plan the digitising work so that each team member captures a diferent section of the study area.
  • Take turns within your team to digitise one ward each. Make sure the wards do not overlap.
  • Once your layer is fnalised, stop editing and use the InaSAFE keywords wizard to defne appropriate keywords for the layer you have created.
  • Now share the wards data with the other teams in your group.
  • When you have received all the hazard and exposure datasets, run an analysis for each of these scenarios:

• Flood on roads aggregated by wards
• Flood on buildings aggregated by wards
• Flood on people aggregated by wards