Section: Introduction
Answers to section modules.

Question: OSM is a database where
Answer: You can store vector data
Answer: You can use it for free if you mention the OSM attribution in your results and you respect the license

Question: iD is a good tool toiD is a good tool to
Answer: Make some small fixes in the database

Question: You would like to add a restaurant on the map
Answer: If you know the shape of the restaurant, you can draw a polygon, otherwise you make a point

Question: In iD, you can change the satellite imagery if the default one is not good enough
Answer: Yes

Question: A Quality Assurance tool is
Answer: Used to help users fix problems in OSM

Question: When do you need to use a Quality Assurance tool
Answer: When you have contributed to OSM to check potential mistakes you could have made
Answer: When you are using OSM data for an analysis
Answer: When you have some spare time on OSM and you don’t know what to do

Question: Quality Assurance tools are always right
Answer: False